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The C-Go system by BionerG®



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C-Go® is a modular system designed to recognize and reward small- and mid-scale biochar producers for their positive impact on global climate mitigation. It enhances the value of biochar production by incorporating global carbon sequestration values alongside local storage values. To overcome the challenges of monitoring and validating biochar production, C-Go® integrates low-cost pyrolysis units with advanced IT technologies and customized carbon certification methods, ensuring an efficient and cost-effective system.


Join our forum

Whether you're an experienced biochar producer or a newcomer interested in small or large-scale production, join our forum to engage in discussions on biochar production processes, provide support to fellow producers, and explore opportunities for carbon sequestration.

News from our biochar blog

In our biochar blog we share news from scientific articles about biochar as well as news, milestones and achievements from C-Go® .

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