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Boost Soil Health and Carbon Content with Combined Use of Biogas Slurry and Biochar

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

What should I change in my Biochar Process

  1. Fertilizer Modes: Replace part of your chemical fertilizer regimen with biogas slurry, either as a base fertilizer or as a topdressing.

  2. Biochar Addition: Incorporate biochar into your soil at a level of 3% of the soil mass.

What could be the result of that?

  • Soil Organic Carbon (SOC): When you switch from chemical fertilizers to biogas slurry, you may see an increase of SOC by about 9.92–15.52% for base application and 13.02–18.26% for topdressing. Adding biochar can ramp up SOC content by an impressive 52.56–58.94%.

  • Other Soil Health Metrics: The application of biogas slurry can lead to an initial decrease in some soil health indicators like potassium permanganate-oxidized carbon (POXC) and soil protein (SP). However, these metrics recover and may even surpass levels achieved through chemical fertilization in the long run.

  • Synergistic Effects: The combination of biogas slurry and biochar can yield a stronger increase in soil health and carbon content than when used individually.

From the original paper: XiaoyangLiangabc, ChuanjuanWangabc, HaitaoWangac, XuefengQiuac, HongxuJiad, HuiJua, JiandongWangac

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